Rainbow Mix

Rainbow Mix

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A Fantastic Blend Of Several Veins Of Kratom Direct From The Source

Limited Run/VERY Limited Stock

Rainbow Mix: Celebrating The Love For ALL... This Mix is Essentially All Of The Remnants Left At The End Of Each Strain The .25 oz That Didn't Add Up To The 1 oz Bag The .75 oz Of Another - If We Had To Open Another Case Of Bags To Only Get One More 4 oz -The Remaining 4 oz Was Mixed In. There's A Little Bit Of Nearly Each Strain Mixed In And NO EXACT Measurements Taken In The Making; As This Is What Makes It As Unique As Every Individual And Why No Two Rainbow Mix Batches Can, Will, OR Should Ever Be The Same- It's ALL About Embracing It For The Unique Mix It Is. So, Grab It While It's Here And Know What You Are Getting Is Unlike Any Other Rainbow Mix - Hope You Enjoy This Unique And Inspiring Mix! 
This Is UNIQUE TO THE LOT IT IS DEVELOPED FROM (unable to duplicate any one batch)

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